Count words (telwoorden) are words that indicate a number or rank number of something. There are two types of count words: capital numbers and rank numbers (hoofdtelwoorden en rangtelwoorden). Both species occur in specific and indefinite form. Capital numbers give a precise number, indefinite gives a rank number.

There are 2 forms of capital numbers: definite capital numbers and indefinite capital numbers (bepaalde hoofdtelwoorden en onbepaald hoofdtelwoorden). Definite capital numbers are numbers like: vier, tien, duizend.

Indefinite numbers are forms of the words veel and weinig (alot and few). And their degrees of comparison: veel, meer, meest/ weinig, minder minst.

There also 2 forms of rank numbers: definite rank numbers and indefinite rank numbers (bepaald rangtelwoord en onbepaald rangtelwoord). Definite rank numbers are numbers that have -de or -ste behind them like: tiende, vijftiende, achste. 

Indefinite rank numbers shows the rank of words: eerste, laatste, middelste (first, last).

Try the exercise below to test the counting words.