There are two types of integration exams for integration in the Netherlands:

  • The integration exam
  • The NT2 Exam

The civic integration exam must be taken in the Netherlands and is at language level A2.

The integration exam consists of 6 exams, all of which can be taken at the same central location in one day, and a seventh exam, Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market for which you must register separately.

The exams that you need for integration are:

  • Participation statement
  • Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market (ONA)
  • Knowledge of Dutch Society
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Participation statement:

Everything for the participation declaration is done at the municipality. You learn what is important in the Netherlands. That is freedom, being equal, helping each other and democracy. You will hear from the municipality what to do.

Knowledge of Dutch Society:

You get questions about the Netherlands. For example, about shopping or going to the doctor.

The Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market exam:

The purpose of the exam is to provide you with insight into how you can find work that suits you in the Netherlands and how you can keep this work in the long term.

For reading, listening, writing and speaking, you will receive assignments at A2 level. At level A2 you need to understand short simple texts, you must be able to understand Dutch speakers and you must be able to write an email or letter.

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