In this subject we will treat the letters M-N-O with different exercises.  You need to answer 50% of the questions correct to complete the exercise. If you completed all exercises and practiced enough you can continue tot the next topic at the bottom of the page.

In the first exercise you have to look at a picture and then answer what you see. You can choose from 4 possible answers and only 1 is correct.

In the second exercise you have to fill in the blanks in the sentence. Grab a word at the bottom of the exercise and take it to an empty space. click on ‘’Controleer’’ when you are ready to see if you are correct.

In this exercise you need to listen to the words. If you understood the word correctly you can write it down or repeat it for yourself. Once you have done this you can turn the card over.

If you completed the exercises on this page you can continue to the next topic by clicking on the green button below.