The NT2 Dutch Exam is the exam that can be taken next to the integration exam to study and work in the Netherlands.

The difference between the integration exam and the NT2 Dutch Exam is that you can study with the NT2 Dutch exam at a high level in the Netherlands. You can also show that you have sufficient command of the language to come and work or study here. Once you have passed the NT2 Dutch exam you no longer have to pass the integration exam.

The NT2 Dutch Exam consists of 2 programs, namely program 1 and program 2:

Program 1 is for people who want to study and work at MBO niveau. For this program you need a language level of B1.

Program 2 is for people who want to study and work at college/university niveau. For this program you need a language level of B2. To be able to do program 2 you must first get program 1. For the exercises we only deal with program 1.

On the exam you will receive questions about 4 parts: Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening.

The writing part is about completing or completing sentences, writing short assignments and texts. On the exam you have to write 10 sentences, complete 2 short texts and write 2 short texts that deal with work or education in the Netherlands.

In the speaking part you must answer questions and talk about topics via a microphone. On the exam you get 8 short speaking assignments and 8 medium speaking assignments.

In the reading section you have to answer questions about a text. There are questions where you have to choose what the subject is, what exactly a piece of text means and where you have to look up something in the text.

The last part is about listening. First you will hear short listening texts, after you have listened to the texts you will get questions that you must answer. These listening texts are about situations at work, during a study or in daily life.

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